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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) compiled operations of companies and integrate their core business processes with all desired automation and reporting error free procedures digitally. Wix cloud-based ERP software offers single-system solutions that integrate processes across the business. Our application allow you to manage the entire flow of your business to interact within a single interface, share information, and enable cross-functional collaboration.

In addition, our modern ERP solution offers flexible deployment options, improved security and privacy, sustainability, and low-code customization. But most importantly, it will build continuity and resiliency into your business and processes through insights that help you innovate at a rapid rate today while preparing your business for what’s next tomorrow. 

Wix provides professional CRM (Customer Relationship Management) secured, cloud-based application, which covers almost all industries including management of manufacturers and service providers.
Wix ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) cloud based application is the most secured cloud-based software. Which allows users to analyze and monitor every function of any organization professionally. 
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Through Wix Design Studio, we provide professional digital design and development services including logo design, web development portals and custom apps development of Android, IOS and all other operating systems.

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Wix Technologies is based in London, UK and we pride ourselves on helping clients across the globe and reach their audience through our innovative web design and development. Growing up as technology drastically advanced brought new ways of working and socializing. This is where the passion for digital technology started, leading to the primary focus on web development. We combined our passion with our dedication to improving the wellbeing of society. We have also introduced custom developed CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) cloud/local based software. Our goal is to create websites which incorporate the incredible brand personality of organizations which have had a positive benefit on those who needed it. At Wix Technologies we have the capabilities to help organizations grow by overcoming problems and reaching goals through logical and strategic planning.


Our websites are powered through content management systems such as WordPress or other recognized platforms which allow our clients to manage their own site while still receiving committed support from Wix Technologies. 


Have a web project you need help with? We love a challenge and bringing brands alive in the digital space.

Wix CRM & ERP.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management is the core module of any ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning, After the research of 7 years, Wix's professionals have realized that usually CRM or ERP has so many useless or extra options, which doesn't require by companies, in fact, no attractive UI at all.

We have introduced a custom-developed CRM and ready-to-integrate modules of ERP, which would allow our clients to manage their businesses in a professional way and enable only the desired functionalities, even though the same option can opt for our CRM regarding functionalities. 

Customer Relationship Management | CRM

Wix have introduced Most simple, secured and cost effective Customer Relationship Management Cloud-based Application.

Advance Technology

Wix use the most secured ways via technologies to secure the cloud-based CRM & ERP applications

Enterprise Resource Planning | ERP

Wix have introduced ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Cloud-base secured application with unlimited ready to integrate modules.

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Through our ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning cloud-based secured application, you can manage the entire flow of your business remotely via accessing your own cloud.

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Generate ANY report on just a single click!

Automate your sales & saving targets!

Stay organized & deal with clients professionally!

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Hi there!

The enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and especially customer relationship management (CRM) are the pillars of nearly every company’s record-keeping and management of business processes. It is essential to the smooth functioning of a business’s accounting and finance functions. In manufacturing and distribution, ERP also can manage inventory and logistics. Some companies use it to handle human resources functions like tracking employees, payroll and related costs.

Partly because of their centrality, ERP systems have been slow to evolve since they emerged in the 1990s. Now, however, ERP systems have begun to change, facilitated by the growing availability of new technologies including cloud computing, collaboration, mobility, analytics and planning, which have the potential to address shortcomings and the most common complaints in today’s systems.

Almost all ERPs excluding ECRMRP are very difficult to handle, most of the time companies keep creating training sessions for their staff just to get them trained as this would allow them to use it professionally or efficiently but unfortunately the success level is not very high due to the so many useless options in ERP / CRM.

These issues made us to proceed with research and development (R&D) first, before developing our own custom developed ERP with CRM, we Elite Products & Services UK LTD, proudly introduced ECRMRP, next generation’s advance ERP with Built-in CRM (based on 38 most common & important features) a professional merger of CRM and ERP which is called “Enterprise Customer Relationship Management & Resource Planning'', and we have made it very simple, we do conduct training sessions if required.


Jonathan Borba

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