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It is no surprise we love websites and everything else digital. However, find out the reason Wix Technologies started and what makes us tick below.

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About Wix Technologies

Wix Technologies is based in London, UK and we pride ourselves on helping clients across the globe andreach their audience through our innovative web design and development. Growing up as technology drastically advanced brought new ways of working and socialising. This is where the passion for digital technology started, leading to the primary focus on web development. We combined our passion with our dedication to improving the wellbeing of society. We have also introduced custom developed CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) cloud/local based softwares. Our goal is to create websites which incorporate the incredible brand personality of organisations which have had a positive benefit on those who needed it. At Wix Technologies we have the capabilities to help organisations grow by overcoming problems and reaching goals through logical and strategic planning.

Our websites are powered through content management systems such as WordPress or other recognised platforms which allow our clients to manage their own site while still receiving committed support from Wix Technologies. 

Have a web project you need help with? We love a challenge and bringing brands alive in the digital space.

Company Profile.(PDF)

Yoga Teacher

Core Values

Community – Creating great customer experiences begins with staying true to the words we speak and the relationships we make. 

Passion – Having a passion not just for web development itself but also the people around us, so we can all be creative, innovative, and bold. 

Vision – Building brands which will shape the future of the wellbeing industry is what pushes us forward. Our goal is to bring ideas alive as there is never an idea too small!

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Who we are & our achievements?

A UK based company, registered name is Elite P&S UK LTD - UK COMPANY NO: 12490012, trading as Wix Technologies International,
About us
Company Profile.(PDF)

Our Achievements?
3000+ CRM Customers | CRM PDF Doc
1200+ ERP Customers | ERP PDF Doc
5000+ Web Design & Development Customers | Our Clients

Our Custom Developed Softwares

Our Softwares
CMS - Web Portals For Websites.
Customer Relationship Management - CRM.
Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP.

What Other Services We Provide?

Wix Design Studio
Custom Logo Design.
Customer Web Designing & Development.
Mobile Apps Development
4K High Resolution Animation.
Search Engine Optimization | SEO.
Website Maintenance.
Content Writing & Copy Writing.
Amazon & eBay Management.
Hosting Services.

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