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Our aim is to apply Technological Solutions to your Business Objectives & Ideas.

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Wix Technologies
INT Private Limited

Wix Technologies Private Limited is a market leader in software and services for enterprise-wide business process improvement and compliance management, providing the most comprehensive application suite to empower organizations to increase business performance at all levels and to maximize industry-mandated compliance and corporate governance programs.

We have covered professionally!


IT IS ALL ABOUT INNOVATION & VALUE Our services are vary includes technical consultation, application development, business process automation and business and application support.

2. Analyze

Then, we transmit the data to a secure cloud and store it for deep analysis using advanced AI and machine learning algorithms.

3. Recommend

Finally, we give you relevant recommendations so you can take actions that directly benefit your organization.

Our Network

Wix 's corporate governance and success lies in the skill and experience of the company board and its key corporate management. This team is responsible for making final decisions in the best interests of the company on matters such as international presence, competitive position, technological direction, ethics and good relationship with customers.

Worldwide Hosting Services

Hosting When your company is looking to access new business processes quickly and cost-effectively, application hosting can be the answer. With Wix's Application Hosting, clients can leverage the leading applications that can help reduce the time to market or boost user satisfaction without the usual upfront infrastructure costs - or the ongoing implementation and management headaches. When hand over the day-to-day technical management of the applications, clients gain the comprehensive application expertise and reliable e-business infrastructure that is designed to keep the mission-critical operations running smoothly and dependably.

Major Services

-Custom Development

-Custom Designing & Branding

-Android / IOS App Development

-SEO & Marketing Solutions

-Windows & Web Based Apps Development