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Manufacturing Management Module of Wix ERP, gives you the control you need over all aspects of production planning and materials management so that you can focus each day on increasing profits. Our flexible manufacturing management solution supports the entire spectrum of manufacturing styles, from high volume to engineer‐to‐order, and coordinates orders, equipment, facilities, inventory, and work-in-progress to minimize costs and maximize on-time delivery. The solution includes powerful shop floor functionality to track and manage each manufacturing process step.





Screenshots of live application:

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key features of manufacturing module

  • Dashboard: 
    Manufacturing Orders Overview, Work Orders Overview, Work Centers Overview,...
    Product Management : Inheriting from the items of Wix CRM or ERP, this feature adds many other extended attributes such as SKU, cost, product type, product category, images, sale price, barcode, product variant, unit of measure, purchase unit of measure, taxes, vendor taxes operations, logistics, OEE, lost, load, 
    Product Variants Management
    Print Barcode Labels
    Barcode Scanning
    Bills of Materials (BOM) Management
    Components Management
    Routings Management
    Operations Management
    Work Centers Management
    Manufacturing Orders Management
    Work Orders Management
    Working Hours Management
    Units of Measure Categories Management
    Unit of Measure Management

    General Settings: BOM, Routing, Manufacturing Order List Item