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Choose Wix Technologies’s SEO specialists to get your website visible on Google. A website without SEO is like a shop with no doors or roads leading to it, because it’s going to be difficult to get customers.

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Wix Technologies is not just a web agency as we also offer all the features your website needs and this includes SEO. We are systematic in the way we approach executing an SEO campaign to return measurable results. No matter what you are looking for we can help you drive organic traffic to your website, generate sales or fulfil the growth of your organisation.

Wix Technologies pride ourselves on delivering strategies that return meaningful results, allowing you to spend time doing what you love most.


Google, Bing, Yahoo and all of the other search engines decide what web pages to show and the order they will appear for every search query. 

Each search engine uses various ranking factors to determine the visibility of a website. Search Engine Optimisation is the process of allowing your website to be easily read and understanding the content of your website. Easier it is for your website to be read by search engines the more likely your website ranks higher for the search queries related to your organisation. 

We know all the tricks in the book to push your website higher in the search engine results. We’re happy to share the tricks and secrets that will boost your website. 

Organic Website Development

If you want to see your online business develop into something powerful you need to rank higher in search engines results for the correct keywords. Wix Technologies’s SEO services are the ideal solution to develop your business online organically.

Working with you, we help to find the most suited keywords for your website to rank on Google. This will help your businesses reach its full potential. Your website will benefit from an increase in traffic to your site to help your business grow.

Search Engine Optimisation Services


SEO Audit

SEO Audit is the process of analysing your website to determine how the quality of the build is influencing your ranking.

SEO Sitemap

Creation and submition of SEO sitemap with website URLs allowing search engines to crawl your website.

Content Creation

The team at Wix Technologies create content for your website and post it on high authority websites containing backlinks to valuable keywords.

Technical SEO

Our SEO team shall go through the technical SEO of your website to find any potential issues for your website ranking higher.

On-Page SEO

The content of your web pages will be optimised to ensure the content is engaging and pulls in more traffic.

Link Building

Links are a vital factor towards ranking higher in organic search.

Keyword Research

We conduct research with SEO tools to find keywords related to your website with high volume to bring in high quality traffic.

Mobile SEO

Wix Technologies optimise all web pages for mobile because mobile search is now the most popular search device.

Webmaster Tools

We set up the required tools so your website can track activities to improve your SEO.

Competitor Analysis

We analyse your competitors keywords so you can have the advantage as we find out what works and do it better.

HTML Tagging

We optimise Titles, Headers, Meta Data with targeted high keywords to draw in traffic to your website.

SEO Reporting

Every month we report directly back to you with keyword rankings, backlinks and all of the other features we have been improving for you.

SEO Web Packages

Your website is set-up and bursting with fresh content but do you know how you are going to increase organic traffic? We have a variety of SEO packages to suit your needs to help you rank higher in search engine results and pull in new potential customers. Our SEO packages are pay-as-you-go. BOD are confident you won’t want to leave once you see our results is why we don’t tie our clients into long contracts. Interested in finding out how we get our clients to rank higher?

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