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We provide you with the full suite of web services, from initial website design, full-stack development, technical back end support and aftercare packages, giving you the confidence you need to grow your business.

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User-Focused Web Design

First impressions are everything.

94% of users make a first impression on a company based on their web design and they only have two seconds to make an impact. Wix Technologies’s years of experience understand what your customers want from a website so we make it easy for them to find the answers they need. We have seen many over complicated websites with a poor UX and it’s part of our goal to improve website’s functionality and standards for the better. As you focus on bettering the lives of your customers through your products and services. We use our web design knowledge to make your customer’s digital journey easier. 

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Have you been thinking about a website but unsure how it can it help your business grow or how it can help overcome business challenges? Check out some of the potential benefits below.


No website? Your customers may question the legitimacy of your company. Websites are a chance to make a great first impression and build trust between your customers and business.

Brand Growth

Displaying your brand on a website is vital as it establishes who you are, what you represent and your vision, increasing the number of paying customers. Without a website it can be challenging to be found and gives the edge to competitors.

Generate Leads

A website is a primary place to connect with your potential customers and develop a relationship. When you are found online organically and then customers become interested in your products or services, there is a greater chance of them connecting with you.

Organic Traffic

SEO friendly websites are essential for being found in Google’s search results to increase organic traffic. Increased organic traffic can effectively block your competitor’s digital presence through a cost-effective strategy.  

Customer Service

Customer Service

Customers want answers 24/7 so having a website with valuable information means they can get their answer when they need it. Websites save you time and provides a rich user experience.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

If you want digital marketing to work to the best of its potential and grow your company you will need a website to drive traffic to and maximise ROI on ad spend.

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Wix Technologies’s Process

Step 1 - Contact & Learn

If we don’t learn how your business operates, how will we be able to elevate your company? Every project starts with a comprehensive inspection and thorough questioning of your organisation so we can create the perfect online presence. Once we understand your business and goals, we can truly create something special. 

Step 2 - Collaborative Engagement

Our developers, designers & project managers are crucial. However, your requirements are the most important concern, as it outlines the complete development process. Several years of industry and freelancing experience and expertise will lead to cutting-edge web development that elevates your business.

Step 3 - Enhanced Development

We continue collaborative working during the development stage as we incorporate your branding and personality into your website. This results in a website which captures your audience’s attention and leads to desired outcomes being carried out on your website.

Step 4 - User Experience

Our creativity and your dedication only succeeds if your target audience can operate and carry out functions on the website. We carry out intensive testing to ensure the user journey is smooth no matter the device in use.

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