Human Resource Management Feature of ERP

8. Human Resource Management

A significant part of the HR business processes constitutes data entry and reporting functions. Data entry includes keying employee-related information such as demographics, contact number, designation, department, payroll, work hours, additional benefits and much more. Data entry is a time-consuming and a tedious process. Moreover, if you are trying to create reports from data, you need to pull data from dispersed sources like spreadsheets. Pulling data from spreadsheets takes a long time and is error prone. This time can be better utilized in other organizational activities.

With ERP software’s help, data is entered into a centralized database, making it accessible to all the departments throughout the organization promoting collaboration. ERP solution also makes it easier to pull data from a centralized location to create reports which are guaranteed to be accurate to make data-driven decisions.

Learning Management is a part of the HR module within the ERP software that enables employees to develop relevant skills to perform their job better. Skilled employees are likely to stay with the organization for more extended periods, increasing the retention rate.

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