Tracking and Visibility Feature of ERP

7. Tracking and Visibility

One of the most significant aspects of ERP solutions is their ability to provide comprehensive visibility. The most obvious example of this is supply chain visibility. Today, many ERP systems have the technology to track finished products and raw materials from manufacture to delivery. Much of this is made possible by the high level of integration ERP systems provide. Since all your applications can send and receive information, tracking materials is a simple process. The level of visibility the ERP solution provides allows users to understand and foresee issues such as delays and stock outages.

In addition to tracking tangible objects, ERP software allows users to track information. Tracking information includes sales, production statistics, staff productivity and more. ERP systems provide a multitude of tools to follow different sets of data. CRM tools track sales, HR module tracks staff productivity, and production statistics can be found in manufacturing analysis tools. ERP systems also allow users to set up alerts for specific events, keeping them up to date on the most critical activities.

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